Blogging Books For People Who Want Results

With so many blogging courses available to new and advanced bloggers, we were beginning to wonder if any books on blogging still existed. Well, in this case, e-books. Our search for good blogging books led us directly to a few bloggers who agreed to share their favorites.

So, we presented our question:

“What is your favorite/most influential book (not course) that helped you most in your blogging career?”

Not courses.

But books. We wanted to locate Blogging Books For People Who Want Results.

First, let’s establish that we have nothing against blogging courses. In fact, we may recommend a few blogging courses for beginners on this website. But, we wanted to go old school. Well, as old-school as you can get. E-books.

If you’re a blogger we hope that you find one of the recommended books to be of great value to you. There’s so much information on the web to help you make money blogging that sometimes you just don’t know where to begin.

We were surprised by a few of the answers and not so surprised by others. Take a look. Are any of your favorite books on blogging listed?

Recommended Blogging Books

I read a couple of blogging books and Blog Startup by  Meera Kothand stands out for me the most because a new blogger is already overwhelmed with ‘all’ the work they find out they ‘need’ to do for making blogging work. I learned (about) focusing on the right things at the right time from this book. Meera guides (you) to the highest ROI activities blog startups require for success. Plus, it comes with additional resources to support new bloggers. – Hena Bilal / Mending With Gold

For Pinterest, I found two eBooks that were amazing: 1) Pinteresting Strategies and 2) Tracie’s Precision Pinning book. Both were amazing and by reading both, I tripled the traffic to my site. – Debbie Gartner / The Flooring Girl

 I started by taking Ed Dale’s the Challenge and I learned a lot. Now it is called Your First Dollar, and it’s free. – Fern LaRocca / Mindful Life Tools

Katie Pickett / Joyful Messes

There you have it. A few of the best books for bloggers by people who have actually read them. Sometimes it just takes the right nugget of information at the right time to turn your blogging career around or even kickstart a new blog. Earn It Save It would like to know if one of your favorites made the list. Which blogging books didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments section. Don’t forget to check out our other ways to make money.

By Lauren Hunter

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