The Only 7 Closet Makeover Ideas You Need

Has your closet become a dumping ground for things you’ll “do later”? Did it somehow breed utility bills, receipts, notebooks, etc… when it was only meant to be a neatly organized representation of your personal fashion style? Okay. Maybe. Maybe not. But, it was never supposed to create a continued state of “URRGH!” It might be that your close needs a makeover.

My closet has been at the bottom of my home organization list for a while because it just seems so overwhelming. I guess closets have doors for a reason. Unfortunately, I can only avoid the inevitable for so long. When I started tripping over boxes and taking 15 minutes to find my favorite jeans, I knew that the time had come.

While putting together a plan to get this wild beast under control once and for all, I found some amazing closet makeover ideas that are sure to make this job much easier.

Each one looks like it will not only be fun to tackle but the end result is bound to look pretty amazing.

The Only 7 Closet Makeover Ideas You Need


Finally. A simple solution to blouses that won’t stay put.

I love what Diane did to make this closet-organizing tip super simple and cheap. You don’t need to be a Crafty Cathy to complete this project. And of course, it’s much cheaper than buying them.

Found at In My Own Style.


Why keep your snow boots or sandals in your closet year-round when you don’t wear them year-round? You don’t have to anymore. This is a great way to free up space in your closet.

Find out more about the Under Bed Shoe Organizer HERE.


In case you haven’t noticed, I’m all about keeping it simple while still being effective. This is a great way to add closet space – no remodeling required. These hangers will allow you to hang four shirts on one hanger.

Found at Shabby Creek Cottage


This is a must-have to keep sweaters and purses neat and separated on the top shelf of your closet.

Learn more about Shelf Dividers here.


We have walk-in closets so this one caught my eye and I immediately thought “Genius!”. There are so many smart ways to make use of the actual walls in the closet that I have never considered. Fab Everyday has some great before/after shots of how she did it on a budget.

Found at Fab Everyday.


Okay, we’ve all seen these before, right? These can easily double closet space for just about every clothing item except dresses. The one thing that really sets this one apart from other stackers is the side hooks. Check out the purse on the right side. Score!

Check out the Closet Doubler here.


This is a pretty nice large fabric box with a clear window and a lid. Great for storing out-of-season clothing and accessories. The best thing about this box is the clear window. No need to label.

Learn more about Storage Boxes here.


Prefer to start with a clean slate and take some of the guesswork out of putting your closet in order? This serves as a great base.

Learn more about this Closet Organizer System here.

By Lauren Hunter

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