How to Make Money on Pinterest Without a Blog

Pinterest is a widely popular website, allowing millions of users from all over the world to view, cultivate, and showcase their favorite photos– something that has opened up numerous avenues of potential revenue for businesses and individuals alike.

Previously it was thought that only through the inclusion of a blog could you make money, but this is not the case. Now, numerous money-making opportunities are possible through the site and the services they offer. But how exactly can you make money on Pinterest without a blog?

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is an image-sharing and social media platform, founded in San Francisco, California, and officially launched in 2011.

Widely popular amongst millions of global users, Pinterest allows users to advertise wares, crafts, and creations, as well as the collection and cultivation of photographs, artwork, and images that appeal to them. In essence, Pinterest gets its foundation on inspiration from the classic ‘mood board’ employed by creatives and designers.

Do You Need a Blog to make money on Pinterest?

The short answer to this question is no, you do not need a blog to make money on Pinterest. However, that is not to say that a blog wouldn’t come in handy, depending on your creative pursuit.

If you are pursuing a more creative avenue, such as art, writing, or fashion, then a blog might well come in handy as a networking tool, and a way for you to share opinions with fans and admirers; however, this is by no means a necessity.

7 Ways to Make Money on Pinterest Without a Blog

As mentioned before, there are numerous business angles you can employ through Pinterest, all of them allowing you to earn money without the need for a blog or similar additional outlet.

#1 – Affiliate Marketing

This is commonly employed across a number of different websites, including Amazon, and involves a third-party entity (you) advertising products and services for another person – usually as part of some previously agreed business arrangement.

This will generally consist of you receiving a percentage of the commission from each sale or referral, proving quite lucrative in situations where the other person is highly successful or sought after.

There are many ways you can do this, but the basic principle goes as follows:

  • Choose a niche
  • Find affiliate programs in said niche
  • Optimize your profile for SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Create your pins
  • Create SEO-optimized pin descriptions
  • Add affiliate links to pins
  • Join related group boards
  • Create niche-related boards
  • Promote your pins

#2 – Pinterest Creator Program

This aspect of Pinterest is relatively new and promises huge potential returns for those with the skills and the inclination.

The Pinterest Creator Program essentially involves content creators and creatives, in general, signing up with Pinterest, attaining a certain following, and then releasing their content within the guidelines of the program.

This is a great way for large corporations to empower individuals and is very much similar to the way that Youtube will monetize successful streamers.

#3 – Sell Digital Products

Sell Digital Products

Depending on your interests and focus, you could also sell digital products for your followers to purchase.

These could be anything from ebooks, digital pieces of artwork, knitting and sewing patterns, or even 3D printable designs, and can be a great way of capitalizing on your chosen niche.

#4 – Market and Sell Services

Depending on your skill set, you could also market and sell your services through Pinterest.

This can be a great medium through which to interact with other creatives looking to collaborate, or indeed looking for products to add to their home, services to take advantage of, or inspiration to take.

These services could be anything, and can very much be catered to match your business model, and the interests you have.

For example, in keeping with the theme of this article, you could start online courses based on Pinterest money-making.

#5 – Sell Physical Products

Of course, if your business involves making products, then you could sell these through Pinterest.

This is perhaps the most conventional method of making money through a website, and can be especially great if you produce your own homemade items, arts and crafts, or any of the products mentioned above.

For this you can follow the same methods, attaching yourself to specific pins and themes, and ensuring your products appear in searches by optimizing your pins with SEO.

#6 – Pinterest Virtual Assistant

While the concept might sound strange, the more successful bloggers don’t always have time to manage their own Pinterest pages.

This is where a prospective Pinterest virtual assistant can come in handy.

Granted, this still might involve some blog work, but it will be in a professional capacity – working for someone else and managing their public image through the site.

This will usually be in coordination with other social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, and is a great way to earn money through something enjoyable, modern, and fairly easy to undertake.

#7 – Get Paid to Pin

Of course, if you have the experience and the reputation, you could get paid to pin on Pinterest by registered, larger-name companies.

This is of course a much rarer occurrence than the other roles on this list, and would require much more experience and time, but if you find yourself in the right place at the right time, it could prove very, very, lucrative.

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about Pinterest, and the best ways to make money without hosting a blog.

It’s true that Pinterest has changed the game in the age of the internet, allowing people to showcase their creations, cultivate their tastes, and make money in ways previously unimaginable.

Luckily though, with the right tips and tricks, you too can succeed through Pinterest, and take advantage of what it has to offer.

So, if you are looking to make money through Pinterest, then why not give some of these methods a try?

Something tells me you won’t be disappointed!

By Lauren Hunter

I'm Lauren, and I've been on a journey to earn money and save money for most of my life. As the editor-in-chief of, and as a freelance writer, coach, musician, and entrepreneur, I love looking for new ways to make money and better ways to keep it. I'm also a wife and work-at-home mom (WAHM) to four kids, so budgeting is my middle name. I'm excited to be on this money journey with you!