6 Perfect Gifts for People Who Work at Home

Working at home is not what most people think it is. Sure, you can wear your pajamas to work, go without brushing your teeth until 2:00 PM, and rock a bun hairstyle 10 days in a row, – – – – but then there is the other reality. You are working alone most of the time. Why not reward yourself or someone else who works from home with one of these six perfect gifts?

Many people who work at home actually put in more hours than they would in a regular office job. Remember, there are no coworkers to chat with down the hall, no mailroom, no formal break area, etc.. What does all this mean?  It can mean sitting for long hours. Alone, with little human interaction.

People who work at home would love the thoughtfulness of one of the gifts on this list. How do I know? I’ve worked at home for the past eight years and I personally have two of the six items from the list. Guess I’ll be dropping a few subtle hints to the hubby over the next few days. He has some shopping to do!

Below are 6 Perfect Gifts for People Who Work At Home that will make work-at-home family and friends jump for joy! There might even be a gift or two that you’ll want for yourself.

6 Perfect Gifts for People Who Work at Home

Unfortunately, it’s much easier to sit at your desk without taking a break when you no longer have office mates or meetings to attend down the hall. I’m sure you’ve heard how sitting for extended periods of time can cause serious health problems. Is the only alternative standing at your desk all day? Nope. The answer is the Varidesk which allows you to “vary” your work position all day. Sit for a bit. Stand for a bit. Either way, you still get work done.

I have one and love it! It comes completely assembled. Just unpack it and place it on your desk and you’re ready to roll. I also purchased the mat (not included) The anti-fatigue mat makes working while standing much more comfortable.

Find out more about the standing desk I use here.

One thing that I have now that I didn’t have when I worked in a “normal” office environment is privacy. This means that now I can talk to myself and no one thinks I’m crazy especially when I’m talking to my computer. Hold on. Let me explain. Speech recognition software allows you to tell your computer what to do and when to do it. This is all without you touching the keyboard.

I wear a headset to dictate text and navigate documents (and websites) using the sound of my voice. I personally use Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium 13 with Digital Recorder (Mobile). This one comes with a separate handheld voice recorder that you can use on the go to transcribe documents. Simply connect the handheld voice recorder to your computer and it will insert all your spoken text into your document of choice.

You can check out the voice recognition software I use here.

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Now you can write on your desk with markers and not get in trouble (or damage the desk). Basically, you can take any smooth surface and turn it into a clear dry-erase surface. So many uses here. Think shopping list for the fridge, kids’ room, or anywhere you want to organize thoughts or jot down ideas.

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  • Will not damage or leave a sticky residue on surfaces
  • Comes with expo marker, installation squeegee, and velcro to stick marker on the wall

You can learn more about dry-erase board film here.

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Okay, truth be told. This is going on my wish list. I just got an iPhone 12 and the size is great but I don’t have anything this cool to sit it on when working at my desk.

According to the manufacturer, it has the following features:

  • Specially designed for cell phone users to meet their demand of having a nicer stand to fit their delicate desks.
  • The stand sits firmly enough so that users can press, type, swipe, or do anything without holding the phone.
  • Its gift package fits any gift occasion-Christmas, birthday, wedding, etc.
  • Fit in office, bedroom, kitchen, living room, and anywhere.
  • Convenient to charge. Easy to put in and take out. Both portrait and landscape viewings are convenient.

Learn more about the stainless steel stand here.

This is not your typical paperweight. I think this is one that will have the recipient often thinking about the giver. It’s made of real dandelion. They are handmade so each one is unique.

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Check out more information on the dandelion paperweight here.

Zyllion ZMA-13-BK Shiatsu Pillow Massager with Heat (Black)

Now, this is for someone who you know really works hard and spends long hours at their desk. This deep-kneading shiatsu massager is heated. Yes, heated.

Additional features:

  • The ergonomic design with a 6-cm ultra-slim body is perfect to use on the lower and upper back, neck, abdomen, calf, and thigh areas
  • Adjustable Strap secures the cushion to your favorite chair

Learn more about this heated neck massager here.

By Lauren Hunter

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