The #1 Low-Cost Home Office Organization Hack That Will Change Your Life

Clutter. Even the word gives me hives. I can’t stand it. But, apparently, it LOVES me. If you have kids, a husband, a dog, a desk, or even just a cat and a closet, you will have clutter. It will find you. Over the years, I’ve discovered the one organization hack that continues to change my life: storage boxes.

Yes, you heard me, the #1 low-cost home office organization hack that will change your life is storage boxes. Yes, storage boxes. I’m talking about attractive boxes that are meant to be seen and not stored in your attic. I love that they can go with any decor AND they are inexpensive.

Here are a few ways to organize your space by incorporating storage boxes in a home office:

The #1 Low-Cost Home Office Organization Hack That Will Change Your Life

farmhouse home office

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contemporary home office

Photo by John Donkin Architect Inc.More contemporary home office ideas

No matter what the desk area, home office, closet, or kitchen, storage boxes come in all different shapes and sizes and can hide a multitude of sins.

How are you going to use storage boxes to organize your space? Do you have another home office organization idea that tops your list?

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By Lauren Hunter

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